24 Winter Crafts to Try with Your Family (Pinterest Approved!)

Winter vacation, warm weekend evenings, and snow days are the perfect opportunity to spend extra time as a family, but when movies and mobile apps start entering the mix, suddenly screen time takes a backseat to good old-fashioned interaction. Amp up the fun factor and create some memories from scratch with our list of winter crafts that offer something for the whole family, whether you’re a DIY guru or barely able to man a glue gun.

  1. Make Your Own Snow – Make It

Not everyone can spend winter in the snow-blanketed hills of Western Massachusetts, and even if you’re lucky enough to settle into a lakeside cabin for a weekend’s respite you may not get lucky enough to score a visit from Jack Frost. Instead of surrendering to the kids’ disappointment, whip up your own batch of the white stuff using two (rather surprising) ingredients you already have in your cupboards.

  1. Paper Chain Snowman Countdown Chain – Make It

There is so much to anticipate in winter: Christmas, New Year’s, returning to school, leaving school for spring break, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, a trip to the Berkshire’s, going over the hill and through the woods to Grandma’s house. This adorable little snowman chain gives those classic colored paper crafts a practical use. Your little ones can remove one link for every day leading up to the big event and keep a close eye on the countdown, all without your help (at least in theory).

  1. Birdseed Christmas Ornaments – Make It

Take your decorating efforts outside with these birdseed ornaments and you may make some new feathered friends. A simple mix of birdseed, flour, water, unflavored gelatin, corn syrup, and lard are pressed into cookie cutters and baked. String the resulting shapes up and hang them from your trees and watch your front lawn become the hottest spot on the block for birds looking for a mid-winter snack.


  1. Melted Snowman Cookies – Make It 

Who doesn’t love to snack on a tray of freshly baked cookies? Kitchen time is an awesome way to bond with the kids while they’re on winter break and this recipe takes simple sugar cookies to the next level with simple yet adorable decorations that infuse each batch with a bit of whimsy. Keep them all for yourself or wrap up a few dozen to give away to neighbors or donate to the school bake sale – they’re sure to sell fast!

  1. Homemade Dog Treats – Make It

This pet-friendly crafty may not seem particularly wintery at first, but when storms are raging outside and you want to bake something without jacking the kids up on sugar, whipping up dog treats is a healthy, fun-filled alternative. Fido and Rex will appreciate your efforts, too, once they get a bite of apple-and-pumpkin goodness – and the omega-3 fatty acids in the flaxseed are great for their skin and coat, too!

  1. Revisit Summer with Moon Sand – Make It

Those lazy summer days at the beach seem eons away? If the winter winds have you cowering in the corner, well, it’s probably time to bundle up and tackle the tundra with a smile, but once you’re home and toasty again you can treat the family to a little hint of warmer weather with this funky sand alternative that’s moldable like Playdough for easier castle building. As a bonus, you can dye your sand so every kid has their own personal color.

  1. Glittery Mason Jar Snow Globes – Make It

When the weather outside is frightful, create your own significantly more peaceful versions of the snowy landscape. With just a handful of supplies including Elmer’s glue, glitter, a mason jar, a glue gun, and a tiny tree, you can turn an ordinary glass into a sparkly wonderland. Not big on trees? Swap out the fir for anything from an action figure to a mini reindeer to perfectly posed ballerina.

  1. Sparkly Snowflake Window Clings – Try It

Decorations that are beautiful, seasonal, easy-to-make, and mess-free?? Sold!! Puffy paint from the craft store mixed with glitter is piped on a snowflake template (PDF file included in the directions) to make wintery shapes that cling to your window without leaving any lasting marks. Pin the technique and change the shape for adornments ideal for almost any other occasion down the line.

  1. ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Art – Make It

When the weeks pass by with barely a glimpse of a cloudless sky, it can be difficult to keep the winter doldrums at bay. That’s when you turn to bright yellow paint and the irrepressible smile of your kiddos to inject some sunshine into your days. The project? A beaming sun made out of handprints and accompanied by the phrase “You are my sunshine”. It’s bright, joyful, and a lovely way to while away an afternoon.

  1. Potato Masher Snowmen – Make It

Potato mashers aren’t just for pulverizing spuds anymore. A quick dip into washable paint and this common kitchen tool becomes a vehicle for your tiny Picasso’s wintery work of art. Set out a glue bottle and some key accessories such as googly eyes, construction paper, and cotton balls and your toddler can create their own version of Frosty without stepping a foot outside.

  1. Gingerbread Play Dough – Make It

Tired of picking stray scraps of modeling clay out of your upholstery or worse, your kid’s mouth? Swap out the weird artificial stuff for this yummy smelling and safe-for-kids mixture. A few ingredients from your pantry plus a quick knead equals a pliable gingerbread dough suitable for playful tykes of almost all ages.

  1. Bubble Wrap Snowy TreesMake It

What’s a family to do with all that leftover packing material from “Santa’s” pre-Christmas gift deliveries? Once you break down and recycle all the Amazon boxes (hey, Santa could have Prime!), use the bubble wrap to create snow-covered branches for a seasonal art project your kids will love. It’s a good lesson in resourcefulness and you won’t have to listen to your children squabble over the only two paintbrushes you could find, either.

  1. Starry Night Slime – Make It

There’s something special about laying under the stars and taking in the full breadth of the cosmos. Of course, cold temps and snow-covered lawns make it a little more difficult to comet watch in the winter, but you can recreate a touch of that interstellar magic with a slime recipe fit for a budding astronaut. It’s stretchy, it’s a little slippery, and it’s full of sparkle, just what your road trip, vacation craft kit, or rainy-day stash needs to help keep the kids occupied.

  1. A Handy Family Tree – Make It

Celebrating your family never gets old. Get each child to leave their handprint on a canvas tree using green paint and you suddenly have an artistic representation of all your nearest and dearest. Hand the piece in your kitchen or living room and you’re sure to smile each time you pass by.

  1. Egg Carton Penguins – Make It

After scrambling up a few dozen eggs to feed the whole family on Christmas morning, you’re left with those sturdy-yet-useless egg cartons staring back at you from the recycling bin. Rather than tossing them, turn them into an entire legion of adorable penguins using this pinnable tutorial. Glue name tags on them for place cards, tie a ribbon to the top and hang them from your Christmas tree, or tuck them into some fluffy cotton batting for a snowscape the family can enjoy all winter long.

  1. DIY Twig Letters – Make It

Living in or even just visiting a picturesque spot like the Berkshires has its advantages. Among them is the chance to use nature’s bounty as artistic inspiration. As you stroll along the lake fishing or explore holiday rentals, you can collect twigs to make these oversized letters. Have each kid make one of their initials to hang in their room or assign letters that will eventually form a single word such as ‘love’ or ‘home’.

  1. 3D Paper Snowflake – Make It

Remember those fun snowflakes you used to make by cutting tiny pieces out of folded up paper? The signature winter craft of our youth has matured a bit and boy is it beautiful. It takes some practice and probably some trial and error, but it’s surprisingly easy to turn simple construction paper and pretty patterned decoupage sheets into artsy snowflakes you won’t mind seeing all year long.

  1. Painted Snowman RocksMake It

A little foresight, and this craft can be completed using smooth, round river rocks you and your family collect while out on the bike trails, exploring nearby hiking areas, or walking the shores of the lake. Add a little imagination and paint and you have friendly snowmen just waiting to cheer up a room with a sly grin or a winking eye.

  1. Polar Bear Paper PlatesMake It

Put a roar into your winter crafting courtesy of polar bears made of paper plates spruced up with some googly eyes and drawn-on details. They’re cute as a button, easy to assemble, and with a little help even your smallest tots can get in on the fun.

  1. DIY Photo LettersMake It

Another letter project, this time featuring family photos as a bold, striking alternative to scrapbooks or traditional picture frames. Choose your favorite snapshots – they can be random or chosen to represent one specific trip or special occasion – or have the kids select the ones they gravitate towards most. Set out the Modge Podge and paintbrushes and let the family have at it. The heartwarming collage that results is well worth the small mess these winter crafts might make.

  1. Gorgeous Glittery IciclesMake It

After your family magically turns milk into stronger bones, turn the jugs the moo juice came in into these glittery icicles. You can string your creations together to form a long sparkly garland or hand two or three in each window where they can catch the sunlight and sparkle away.

  1. Stained Glass Snowflakes – Make It

No matter how fun it is to make forts and go sledding, sometimes you need a splash of color to break up those big blankets of the frosty white stuff. Once you’ve shed your parka and dusted off your boots, layer some scraps of tissue paper in a bold black frame to make this light-filtering artwork that will make “winter blues” mean something else entirely.

  1. 23. Pine Cone Creatures – Make It

Owls, penguins, and peacocks – oh my! This is more like 20 winter crafts in one, as the source blog includes a ton of craftspiration for anyone eager to turn a cache of pinecones into a miniature menagerie. You’ll need some extra supplies such as googly eyes, feathers, sequins, tiny colorful cotton balls, felt, scissors, glue, and so on, but the suggestions are very fluid and you can very much take advantage of whatever you have around the house. You can even make up your own pinecone creatures – shark-a-potamus, anyone?

  1. Hilarious Snowflake CatchersMake It

One of the best parts of childhood is standing outside and catching snowflakes on your tongue. There’s something so pure about it when you’re a kid but as an adult, watching our own kids do it is downright hilarious. This quirky craft idea captures all those emotions in spades, making it a surefire way to keep everyone giggling and reminiscing until the roads are clear and school starts back up again.

Looking for even more ways to delight your family this winter? Trek to the luxury Berkshire cottages at The Lake House and experience all the snowy splendor Western Massachusetts has to offer. From snowshoeing to antique hunting to museum and musical adventures galore, there’s so much to explore. For more information, contact our team today.