5 Advantages of a Midweek Getaway to the Berkshires

Weekends are one of the most popular times to ditch city life and escape to the bucolic paradise that is the Berkshires, but not everyone can take off Friday through Sunday. The good news is that there are plenty of reasons to trade in your end-of-the-week commute to Western Massachusetts in favor of a hump day getaway.

1. You’ll Avoid the Traffic

For such a lush, naturally stunning paradise with a distinctly small town feel, the Berkshires are surprisingly easy to get to, at least route wise. It’s only a hop, skip and a jump from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and the eastern part of Massachusetts to the welcoming shores of Lake Pontoosuc, but that makes it even more likely that you’ll be far from the only one on the road come Friday afternoon.

Instead of doubling your travel time and missing your much-needed spa appointment, make the drive on a Tuesday when everyone else is stuck in the office answering email and browsing the ‘help wanted’ ads.

2. Better Activity Availability

Speaking of massage appointments, popular spots book up quickly, especially on the weekends and extra especially during the busy season. It’s no fun fighting for tee times and wrestling for a brunch reservation when you can get primo seats midweek. Switching up your travel dates could have a financial bonus, too; many spas, tours, and other attractions offer discounts during slower periods.

3. Mother Nature Doesn’t Care About the Calendar

You won’t be deprived of your favorite outdoor activities just because you changed your mind about a weekend trip. In fact, it’s the committed weekend warriors who lose when the forecast calls for two days of rain or snow or when the sun disappears behind the clouds just as it’s time to spread out your gourmet picnic.

An impromptu midweek vacation means you can take off whenever the weather seems best. Check out the most popular hiking areas, twiddle your toys in a pond, try your hand at watersports, take the kids fishing, rent a kayak or dirt bike along trails that may otherwise be packed with tourists. Eager to go skiing or sledding? When the meteorologist predicts snow Tuesday night, take your vacation days and head for the Berkshire slopes.

4. Cheap Airfare

If you’re planning your Berkshire getaway in advance and coming from beyond a three-hour drive, you’ll likely be taking a plane into one of the nearby airports like JGK, LaGuardia, or Newark (Greater NYC); Logan International Airport (Boston); Albany Airport (upstate New York); or Bradley International Airport (Connecticut). Most major airlines offer cheaper tickets if you fly on a Tuesday and they hike up prices the closer you get to the weekend. Fly smart and use the money you save to stay in your luxury lakeside cottage an extra night.

5. Self-Care, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation

Life is busy. Between the never-ending demands of a packed work schedule and juggling personal and school obligations, you’re probably worn out, and a bad case of the midweek blues isn’t helping one bit. Give yourself an emotional and mental tune-up simply by pressing pause on “real life” and take a few days for yourself in the Berkshires.

You’ll likely have a better chance at a late checkout too, so you can sleep in and enjoy one final meditation session in the shadow of Mount Greylock before lumbering back to reality.

Convinced? Call (413) 446-0017 to book your midweek stay at The Lake House. Not totally sure yet? Check out our guide to the Berkshires and dig into everything this incredible location has to offer.