5 Fall Wedding Trends for 2019

People love to talk up summer weddings, but there’s something special about saying your I dos framed by colorful foliage. Getting married in the fall in Western Massachusetts opens up a huge array of possibilities. Whether you’re eager to explore jewel-toned décor or want to take your wedding party hiking for a little pre-ceremony bonding, there are plenty of opportunities to take fall wedding trends and make them yours.

Wedding Artists

A wedding photographer is a must-have, but more and more couples are augmenting the experience by hiring painters or illustrators to do a live, on-the-spot creation that doubles as entertainment as well as a keepsake. Choose a caricaturist to capture your sweetheart’s funny side or go all-out on a watercolor that’s every bit as dreamy as your true love’s vows.

Personalized Ceremonies

Cookie-cutter weddings are becoming less and less common as couples yearn to put their own stamp on tradition. Look for live grills and picnic-style spreads to replace buffets and multi-course meals, crystal-adorned trees and dangling lanterns standing in for centerpieces, and patterned dresses overshadowing classic white gowns.

Festival-Like Atmospheres

Some people are tiring of the stifling formality of huge weddings, choosing to trade in one long day of heavily scheduled events for an entire weekend of fun outings and adventurous activities. Imagine spending the day before your wedding at Hilltop Orchards apple picking with your loved ones or wine and beer tasting along the Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail.

Extend the festivities into a week-long get-together and have your bachelor and bachelorette parties at a golf course or in Crab Apple rafts heading down the Deerfield River. Encourage everyone to stay on site at The Lake House and you’ll be able to host bands in our event tent, hang out on the common patio area, roast marshmallows over the outdoor fire pits, dive off the swimming platform (fall weather permitting), and even gather everyone for morning yoga by the water.

Dried Flowers

Floral arrangements play a huge role in wedding décor, but it can be harder to snag exotic blooms in fall when your favorites may be out of season and shipping costs begin to soar. Luckily, there’s a growing push for dried flowers. Not only are the muted colors and rustic design of dried bouquets perfect for fall nuptials, they’re also already preserved, saving you time and money pressing flowers once you’re home from your honeymoon..

Most modern couples already live together, making that gravy boat or new set of towels kind of superfluous. Instead of stocking their wish list with household goods, engaged couples are choosing to ask guests to fund experiences. Whether you’ve always wanted to honeymoon in Bali or would love to take dance lessons with your new spouse, it’s okay to request help with those dreams in lieu of yet another vase.

Richer Colors, Moodier Vibes

It’s fall, so it’s a given that pastels are off the table, but it’s not really time for winter-worthy metallics either. Instead, embrace cool weather and project a fall feel with intense shades of eggplant purple, smoky graphite, stunning amethyst, midnight blue, emerald greens, and so on. We’re seeing lots of lush velvet as well, which could make a lovely backdrop or covering for your sweetheart table.

Book your wedding at The Lake House and enjoy a quiet, relaxing respite in our luxury Berkshire cottages. From waterfront restaurants to fishing, kayaks to wedding-ready special events, our charming venue and incredible staff have everything you need to make your special day mind-blowingly memorable.