Benefits of Having an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor ceremonyNatural Beautiful Scenery

If getting married in a location which is filled with natural beauty such as on a lake or in the mountains is something that sounds appealing to you, then you already fell in love with the backdrop and its magnificence and realize its significance; but here we will give you a few more benefits of an outdoor wedding for your consideration.  An outdoor wedding venue located in a naturally beautiful setting means less cost, time, and stress spent on worrying about picking out and planning your wedding decorations – as the location is the main decoration! You won’t need many floral centerpieces when you have luscious greenery or a sparkling waterfront location where pictures turn out with breathtaking results.

Luxury of Extra Space

Space!!! By having an outdoor wedding your guests will have more space to move about and not just be confined to one or two rooms. Your guests can socialize openly without actually leaving the venue. By setting up a comfortable lounge type space, separate from the main area where your wedding reception is taking place, guests can step away but still be only mere steps away.

Personal Touches and Intimate Feel

Outdoor wedding spaces are essentially naked and empty, which allow couples to really add their own personality and personal touches. By utilizing a large white tent, which most outdoor wedding venues use to create a sheltered space (your guests won’t particularly like mother natures often finicky personality and the wedding day good luck showers). The blank slate of this white tent, allows for you to add your personal and intimate touch, something you cannot always achieve with large wedding hall ballroom type settings. Flowers, fabrics, and lighting (think the light of lanterns bouncing off of a lake!) are just some of the great ways to personalize your outdoor wedding.

Sit Back and Relax

Outdoor weddings give off a more casual feel. Don’t confuse casual for unorganized, or a jeans and t-shirts kind of an event, but being outdoors makes one think about fresh, warm evening air. It’s comforting, it’s soothing, and it’s relaxing! When else, other than outdoors, would you be able to keep your wedding celebrations going, or even have the perfect ending to your festivities by hosting a bonfire and roasting s’mores with your friends?