Our Favorite Wedding Details

Year after year, we’re lucky enough to host a slew of weddings right here at the Lake House as well as the Proprietors Lodge, and today we’ve taken a moment to round up some of the most indelible details to help inspire your own plans.

Fun Signage

It’s always a good idea to put the fun back in functional, which is why these colorful signs are such a hit. While they’re definitely eye-catching, they also help direct guests around the sprawling Lake House property, so no one has to ask where the restroom is when you’re in the middle of your first dance. You can stack as many signs as you want, and they can say almost anything — we’ve always enjoyed versions that add in important dates from the couple’s relationship and distance miles indicating how far the wedding is from the couple’s hometowns.


Unique Place Cards & Place Card Holders

When Ashely & Brian got married at the Lake House, the place cards they set out for their guests were topped with tiny gold animal figurines that were both adorable and elegant. The gilded parade of lions, giraffes, horses, kangaroos and more were created by Lovely Lina Designs and are hard to beat, but your holders can be almost anything that reflects what you and your spouse-to-be enjoy. It’s a small touch but a memorable one, especially when place cards are one of the first things guests see, and it doesn’t hurt that Ashley and Brian’s holders doubled as favors.

📷 @ramblefreehannah


Cozy, Lounge-Style Seating

Traditionally, wedding seating has fallen into one of two categories: a bunch of separate tables or communal seating. Both are valid options depending on the situation, but even communal seating (our personal favorite) can feel a bit restrictive once dinner is over and it’s time to mingle. We like to solve this problem by creating lounge-style spaces with couches and comfy chairs arranged in small groups. Add a few fire pits and you’ve got the perfect spot for guests to kick back with a glass of wine and chat.

Scenic Backdrops

A wedding with a view? Count us in! Of course, we’re more than a little partial considering our Berkshire cottages and event space are right on the shores of Lake Pontoosuc. Our happy couples say their I dos a stone’s throw from the glittering water with the mountains of Western Massachusetts forming a stunning vista that makes even candid photos look spectacular.

P.S. – The rustic décor in this pic deserves its own moment in the spotlight. The stacked boxes and lanterns add warm while using a rug outdoors is a stroke of pure genius.

📸 @dsmission

The Post-Bash Breakfast

Movies make it seem like all newlyweds jump into their getaway car at midnight, leaving their reception and heading to the airport or up the road to start their honeymoon. It’s a nice idea, but in reality most brides and grooms are among the last to leave and they’re packing up to leave the next day just like everyone else. Rather than navigating a bunch of spontaneous goodbyes or trying to gather up guests for a more formal adieu, schedule a breakfast the day after the wedding and give everyone a chance to relive the magic of your reception while munching on buttery croissants, fresh fruit, and a heaping helping of breakfast tacos. If you are not a morning person, The Proprietors Lodge also offers a brunch option that can be added to any wedding at either facility so you can continue the event into the next day.

Inspired by past celebrations and want to discuss the possibility of holding your own wedding at the Lake House or The Proprietors Lodge? Check out our wedding page and drop us a line to set up a tour.