Are You Hot? Here’s How to Stay Cool During Summer

Whether you’re planning a staycation at home or gearing up for an amazing summer visiting us in the beautiful Berkshires, we’ve got some great tips on braving the heat and enjoying some fun in the sun.

Spritz Yourself with Cold Peppermint Tea


Take a flashback to your childhood days chasing each other around with the ultimate Super Soaker 2000- I can almost relive the feeling of the cold water spritzing across my back as I fled in glea away from my friends.

Flash forward to our adult summer days where we can always whip out the latest Super Soakers but now find refreshment in relaxing lakeside with a cold beverage in our hands!

Infuse water with a bit of ultra-cool menthol!

Just brew yourself a pot of tea, chill it in the fridge, then transfer to a spray bottle (they’re easy to find at the dollar or drug store). Pack it in your beach bag or carry it in your purse and spray away whenever the mood strikes.

2) Eat Spicy Food

Yes, it may sound funny to heat up your taste buds in order to cool down BUT….

there’s a reason why people who live in the tropics love chile peppers. Eating spicy food helps boost your blood circulation and makes you sweat.

As that sweat evaporates, you feel cooler. If you’re staying at The Lake House Guest Cottages of the Berkshires, you can use the fully equipped kitchen to create a four-alarm chili or jalapeno-spiked guacamole to pair with a full bag of tostitos and lakefront grazing!

Take a break from the lake and venture out to some of our favorite hot spots!

  • Flavours – This restaurant specializes in Malayasian/Thai/Indian/American fusion cuisine. Try the Roti Chanai (Indian pancake with curry chicken) or Malaysian Grilled Chicken Satay which comes with spicy peanut sauce.
  • La Fogata – Load up on chorizo and other classics like carne asada at this Latin food spot in Pittsfield.
  • Olde Forge Restaurant – Load up on the “Hot” or “Super Hot” wings and see if you don’t feel a little cooler once you pack up and head home. You can also try the jalapeno-topped Lanesboro Nachos for Two, Mexican Seven Layer Dip, or awesome Cajun Etouffee.

3) Hit the Lake

It’s summer time…which means the lake is open to relax, cool off in and show off your inner water sports skills!

There are watering holes throughout Western Massachusetts but The Lake House offers waterfront property as our cottages face the stunning Pontoosuc Lake.

Even just peering out your windows you will feel cooler as you stare across the rippling lake water.  

Stay cool during summer by participating in our watersports.

Our guests have access to kayaks, canoes, paddleboards,canoes and fishing equipment.

Work up an appetite by paddling around the lake, having a race out to our floating swimming platform, or just lounge about and enjoy the scenery.

4) Get Out and Grill

All of the cottages will be nice and cool thanks to the AC but our latest addition to The Lake House is an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill to envy!

Grab some fresh veggies from the farmer’s market, steak, ground meat, or chicken, and have a cookout overlooking the lake sunset!

5) Try Your Hand at Whitewater Rafting

Few things will take your mind off the heat quicker than a gallon or two of ice-cold river water to the face.

Check out our friends at Zoar Outdoor and challenge the New England rapids.

Zoar hosts whitewater trips, kayaking clinics, and zip line canopy tours, and they also offer instruction in rock climbing and canoeing. Trips are tailored to the ability levels of participants, and some activities are suitable for families with members age 7 or older.

6) Drink Lots of Water

If you think splashing around in water works wonders when trying to stay cool during summer, just imagine how comfortable you’ll be if your insides are fully hydrated, too.

Consuming at least 8-10 cups of water per day (more if you’re very active and/or sweating a lot) keeps your internal AC from going into overdrive.

Find yourself a fun water bottle that keeps beverages cool all day long.  

7) Have a Picnic

Western Massachusetts is a living postcard!  With many pockets throughout trails to have a picnic it makes a special place to pack your goodies and hit the mountains.

Pick up some goodies at Berkshire Organics (non-GMO veggies and great cheese), Guido’s Fresh Marketplace (they have lots of great prepared foods), or The Meat Market (awesome sandwiches) and head to one of these picnic-perfect locales:

  • Mount Greylock, especially on the Jones’ Nose Trail to Stony Ledge or near Greylock Glen
  • Springside Park in Pittsfield
  • Right alongside Pontoosuc Lake
  • By the Green River in Great Barrington
  • Olivia’s Overlook in Lenox

8) Explore some Indoor Attractions

Sometimes you just need to soak up the AC for a few minutes (or a few hours). Do so while discovering more about history, health, and art by visiting a museum or gallery for the afternoon.

Try the Berkshire Art Museum, walk around the Hall of Innovation or aquarium at The Berkshire Museum, or revel in turn-of-the-century glitz and glamor at Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age Museum.

There are also shows at the Albany Berkshire Ballet and Barrington Stage Company that will keep you so entertained you’ll forget you were ever wilting in the hot summer sun.

9) Go for a Bike Ride

It’s like generating wind even when Mother Nature has declined to provide any.

Bring your own bikes from home or rent some wheels locally. Either way, you’ll love feeling the breeze on your face and you’ll get to see a lot of the people, places, and things that make the Berkshires special – things you could easily miss if you were in a fast-moving car.

Summer is a gorgeous time in the Berkshires. Start planning your stay at The Lake House today (our tips to stay cool during summer should help) and the anticipation of your time at our boutique-style cottage resort will be almost as amazing as the escape itself!