Packing Checklist For Your Lake House Trip

Open suitcase with clothing in the bedroom. Summer holiday concept.

So you’ve booked into the incredible Lake House Guest Cottages, situated on Pontoosuc Lake in the stunning Berkshires. The first thing you need to do is congratulate yourself on giving the gift that keeps on giving: fresh country air. The second thing on your to-do list is a little more difficult. It’s time to pack! It’s incredibly relaxing here in the Berkshires, and the fact that all our cottages are fully equipped with a wide variety of home goods will keep your suitcases a bit lighter, but we know you want to be prepared and we’re here to help.

Here’s what you don’t need:
Kitchenwares – Our gourmet kitchens are fully stocked, so all you need is some produce and other edibles from the local markets and you’ll be all set to cook dinner from the comfort of your lakeside retreat.
Electronics – We understand that no one wants to be separated from their smartphone and if you have to bring your laptop for work that’s understandable, too, but trust us, once you see the stunning mountains and stick your toes in the lake, your fancy tablet and its slew of apps will be the furthest thing from your mind.
Water Sports Gear – We’ve already got you covered with a full array of kayaks, paddleboards, fishing poles, and life jackets, so you can hit the water without delay – and fly here without a dozen suitcases and a boat in tow!

Rain Gear
Part of the allure of the Berkshires is the fact that we get all four seasons. While you can pack for Arizona and ditch the umbrella or know that you won’t likely need a swimsuit or snorkel for your weekend in North Dakota, the weather in Massachusetts is a bit more unpredictable. A rain jacket or poncho is a good idea, especially in spring, summer, and fall, and rain boots and an umbrella won’t go amiss either.

Sun Gear
So much of what makes the Berkshires amazing is found outdoors, so you’ll want to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and maybe a hat or two just in case.

Walking Shoes or Boots
While you may drive or bike while sightseeing, the majority of the Berkshires is best seen on foot. Swap out your heels for a comfortable pair of walking shoes and if you’re planning on checking out our spectacular hiking trails, consider some hiking boots and a few good pairs of socks, too.

Comfortable Clothes
If we had to sum up Berkshires style in two words, they would be “comfortable chic.” Layers are always smart, just in case the weather decides to shift at a moment’s notice, and we highly recommend a light jacket like a windbreaker even if you’re just going out for a nightly stroll. If you’re visiting in winter, you might want to bring long underwear as well as a winter coat, hat, scarf, and waterproof gloves to keep you cozy on hikes or in case it snows while you’re out snagging a taste of freshly tapped maple syrup.

Bug Spray
And maybe a citronella candle, too, for picnics and grill outs.