The Lakeside Wedding Trend

Bride and groom close together in the lake rowing boat

With the peak of wedding season almost in full bloom, lakeside weddings, with their rustic and chic décor, are quickly becoming the trend. And how could they not? Beautiful colors of the landscape, the calming water giving off glorious reflections of the sun, and the greenery of the mountains in the background, all add up to a magical day.

Theme and Decor:

With a lakeside wedding, you can incorporate your surroundings and choose a nautical theme, or even a grown up “campy” theme. Why not use the paddle marks and create a unique logo for your invitations, menus, and another other notes/signs through out the venue. Garlands, ribbons and twinkle lights are not just for the holidays, but a great way to decorate railings, decks, the boathouse, and stay within the rustic lakeside theme. The lake already has plenty of vegetation, so the inclusion of flowers will only add to the beauty. Signposts made from wood, various lanterns to light walkways, moss-covered shutters used as tabletops would tie the lake wedding theme together.


Wedding pictures is probably one of the most important, and sometimes stressful parts of the entire wedding. However, when you’re on a lake, in the Berkshires, forget about that headache! Nothing screams lakeside wedding and Berkshires like Adirondack chairs. Grab two chairs and use your background, the mountains, the dock, the venue itself, for your wedding pictures. And as an added bonus, remember running and jumping into the lake as a kid? How fun was that?!? Finish off the night with a group plunge into the lake with your friends and bridal party (consider it an early trash-the-dress- session).


Take advantage of the lake, and keeping with your lake/nautical theme, and arrive to your ceremony on a canoe or a boat. And yet another bonus (there’s so many, I know), this romantic idea would also be ideal for the first look, and also picture taking in otherwise unreachable locations. For the ceremony itself, why not use the pier itself? Work with your wedding location to determine the space needed for your bridal party (weight capacity and space capacity), so that you may make the most of your stunning setting.

While there will be plenty of food, and probably a bar set up for your guests, why not use one of the canoes, fill it with ice and leave some water bottles and juice boxes for your younger guests to enjoy at their leisure…. and beer bottles for the adults!