Gather Your Squad – Cultivating Your Wedding Team

Weddings are a team sport. Even if you choose to elope, you’ll need help with prep and having a few allies in your corner will make the big day much less stressful, and larger weddings are practically impossible to pull off without a collection of collaborators ready to step in when your florist suddenly comes down with the flu or you get Cheeto prints on your dress the day before “I do”.

So, who should be a part of your wedding squad?

Your Wedding Party

From the groomsmen who represent your husband’s fraternity to your BFFs from grade school to that obscure cousin your mom insists has to be included, wedding parties are often a weird mix of obligatory asks and actual buddies. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Pick people who:

  • You’re going to still like in five years — after all, they’re going to be in almost all of your pictures
  • Are drama free (enough said)
  • Can commit to whatever tasks their position entails, such as helping address invitations or planning a bachelorette party (be very clear about your expectations when you ask them to participate)
  • Reflect your idea of what your wedding party should be — it’s total fine to have a man of honor or best lady if that’s what you want to do

A Professional Wedding Planner

A penchant for Pinterest and a talent for bossing people around does not a wedding planner make. There are a lot of detail that go into craft the perfect wedding and many of those details only get noticed when things start going wrong. Hiring a wedding planner that’s familiar with or even attached to your venue is an easy way to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

At the Lake House, our on-site event coordinator can help with everything from personalizing your ceremony space to recommending activities around town to help keep guests entertained and occupied.


A caterer or photography might not be who immediately comes to mind when you think about your wedding squad but that’s a mistake. Your vendors play a huge role in the look, feel and ultimate outcome of your wedding so choose wisely. It’s always a good idea to select vendors who are familiar with your venue whenever possible. Some venues even have a list of preferred vendor who have already been vetted, eliminating some of the guesswork and giving you an extra dose of confidence as you head into the home stretch.

The Guests

Who you invite will help shape the entire day and you’re paying for every hungry belly that sits down to dinner, so be sure you really want your mother’s ex-coworker’s niece at table #9 before asking her to attend.

Before you sign off on the guest list, remember the following and make adjustments as needed:

  • It’s a wedding, not a family reunion, so no need to invite people you haven’t seen in 20 years
  • Weddings aren’t a trade-off and you don’t have to invite someone to your wedding just because you were invited to theirs
  • Neighbors and coworkers aren’t automatic ins
  • Anyone who likes to cause a scene probably will
  • Anyone who makes you feel good is a wonderful person to have around when you’re planning on being blissfully happy

Bring your squad to the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts and enjoy a waterfront wedding at the Lake House. From the breathtaking natural surroundings to our lakeside cottages that keep the entire wedding party close, we have everything you need to execute the wedding of your dreams. For more information on adding us to your squad, call 413-446-0017.